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Monday 24 Sep 2018
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Written by Sally Fletcher   
Saturday, 21 February 2009 14:55


Kirton Healthcare chair on wheels. This was a great little chair for Ben and some are no doubt still available in the UK in social services stores. The most similar chair that the company currently make is a Soverign Child http://www.kirtonhealthcare.co.uk equipment_chairs_kirton_chair_a
equipment_chairs_whale_b Jenx Whale Chair - This was Ben's first work chair, the tray and toy bar were great. But due to Ben's disability he needed a chair that had recline, tilt in space and a head support which this didn't offer at the time.  http://www.jenx.com


Comfy Chair - Symmetrikit Tiltrite chair small which Ben uses most of the time - http:// www.helpinghand.co.uk


Tumble Form Chair

A Tumbleform Ben has had a tumbleform since he was one, he still has one today in a bigger size http://www.sammonpreston.com


A bead chair by Kirton Healthcare http://www.kirtonhealthcare.co.uk

Ben uses this comfy bean bag in the living room.


Work chair - R82 Panda chair on high/low base    http://www.r82.com

Ben now has this chair in a bigger size, he takes it to school as the high/low base allows him to sit on the floor with the other children or sit up higher at a desk. We took the toybar from Ben's Jenx whale chair and drilled holes so it would fit on the Panda's tray.



Wheelchair - Kimba Spring with swivel wheelbase  http://www.ottobock.co.uk

Ben has had a Kimba since he was nearly 2, since then he has gone up a size. We found the swivel wheel base best for moving around places such as school or shops and the fixed wheel base for country walks.



Mountain Buggy Advanced Mobility Independence - for when we are off road on bumpy ground http://www.specialneedspushchairs.co.uk holidays_brompton_lakes_2009__j




Ben currently travels in his adapted VW Caravelle van with a tie down system to enable him to travel in his wheelchair, the van was adapted by David Ralph of Dereham, Norfolk. Ben is seated in the middle of the van with a carer always seated beside him and enters via the side door.

We have manual fold up ramps which we keep in the boot (Dad says "A chair lift would have been great but would have cost at least £10k !!").

Ben travels facing backwards (Dad says "And he has an FAI approved 5point harness fitted to his wheelchair to hold him in securely").



We claim Mobility Allowance for Ben but chose not to lease a van under the scheme because to buy a large enough van to accommodate Ben and his siblings we would have had to find a large deposit which we would never have gotten back, then in 5 years time at the end of the lease we would have to find another deposit and so on.

So we bought a second hand van, had it adapted and our mobility allowance goes towards paying off the loan for the van which is ours. This means that we can't get the free insurance or servicing but with think it's still cheaper for us in the long run.


equipment_car_seat_R82_Swivel R82 Panda car seat on swivel base. Ben got this car seat aged 3 until which time he had been in an ordinary car seat. This seat worked well for a couple of years but as Ben became taller and stiffer it was difficult to get him in without banging his head. Also as he became heavier his carers were not allowed to lift him.   http://www.r82.com
Equipment_car_seat_brittax As a smaller boy Ben travelled in this ordinary Brittax car seat that has a recline feature to help him keep his head up.
Aircraft Harness When we flew to Eurodisney Ben wore a Crelling aircraft harness   http://www.crelling.com


Jenx Monkey standing frame. This was a supportive standing frame for Ben. We changed it for a pony so that Ben could have the choice whether to sit down or stand up but in hindsight we should have used them both together. http://www.jenx.com

equipment_stander_pony_a R82 Pony standing frame. This was a great stander for Ben for a couple of years because he could choose whether to stand up or sit down in it and I could walk his feet along for him to give him the sensation of walking. However over time Ben's hips became stiffer and his knees knocked together due to disease progression and he could no longer stand. No one noticed but for well over a year Ben was no longer standing with straight legs and giving his legs a full stretch and his muscles have become shorter as a result. http://www.r82.com

equipment_stander_buffalo R82 buffalo stander. Ben is enjoying his new standing frame. We are able to hoist him into it and he can stand right up or just come up a little way which ever best suites him from day to day. In this stander Ben's legs are now getting the biggest possible stretch for them. http://www.r82.com

075 Ben wears these splints to support him when standing.


equipment_bath_seat_a Ben got this bath seat around the time of his first birthday. Apologies that I can't remember what it's called but I wanted to show that supportive equipment is available even for little children (so don't let anyone tell you it isn't ! ).
Robby bath seat. Ben has had this seat since he was about 2 years old. As he has gotten taller over time the seat has been extended to grow with him. This is the best seat we have found for Ben, with lots of adjustment and a safety strap. http://www.ottobock.com
equipment_hoist_changer_a Ben's Dad made his changing table from some inexpensive kitchen cupboards and a piece of work top. Ben's bedroom and bathroom are fitted with hoists on sliding bars so that he may be picked up and put down anywhere in the room

equipment_the_vest The Vest. Ben has been using The Vest for about a year now. He thinks it's fun and has had his healthiest ever winter. It comes highly recommended to us. http://www.thevest.com

equipment_sensory_room_e Sensory room. Ben bedroom is also his sensory room and is fitted with a glow wall, interactive bubble tube, mirror ball and pinspot, projector, loose fibre optic tails and adult sized bean bag all supplied by Kirton Healthcare who we highly recommend. http://www.sensoryplus.co.uk

In Norfolk it is possible to use a sensory room at: Newberry Clinic, The UEA, The Hamlet Centre, Quiddenham Hospice and many of the special schools.

Special Toys Ben has many special toys including a garden swing and computer software. our favourite suppliers are:
equipment_rackety_snuggle Special clothes Ben has some special clothes including a back to front coat and snuggle up fleece from Rackety's

and bibs neck-a-chiefs and other daily living accessories from Fledglings

equipment_shoes Shoes Ben wears soft slip on shoes, lots of people ask me where I got them, they come in lovely colours and fun designs from Daisyroots. Despite being aged 6 Ben still has loads of room in a size X-large, see their handy size chart

equipment_mouth_guard_a Mouth guard Ben has chewed his mouth as a sign of tiredness or pain for many years, he often bit him mouth making it bleed. Ben's dentist took an impression of his teeth and sent it away for a mouth guard to be made. This just sits on Ben's top teeth and when he bites he does not injure himself nearly as much if at all now. equipment_mouth_guard
equipment_splits_a Hand splints Ben's Occupational Therapist has moulded him some different hand splints to help stretch his hands open and to allow some air into his hands which can get hot and sore. We usually put these on at meals time when we are all sitting at the dinner table. SHRINK_equipment_new_splints
SHRINKequipment_neck_cushion Neck Collar This is Ben's neck cushion/collar which he wears when he needs some extra support such as in his standing frame or tumbleform chair and sometimes even in his van.





Bed – Sidhil solite safe side with a mesh side rail http://www.medisave.co.uk/solite-safe-side-full-length-mesh-side-rail-p-98685.html

Ben has had his bed since the age of 5, it is rather big for him but the up side of this is that I can lay on it too if he is unsettled.

He sleeps with the head end of his bed raised to help his reflux. Ben sleeps on alternate sides each night.  He has to be on his side when alone because of his swallowing difficulties but in the day time with someone beside him he lays on his back for a stretch and rest with the sleep system adjusted accordingly.

Ben was getting red elbows from sleeping on his side so we now tuck a square of sheepskin under his elbow when he’s asleep which has mostly solved the problem.

We were allowed some hospital bed sheets because I could not buy sheets long enough to fit the bed in ordinary shops, I have dyed the sheets with dylong to match Ben’s room.


Sleep system - Symmetrikit sleep system - http://www.helpinghand.co.uk


Sleeping bags. Ben has slept in gro-bags since he was a baby. To make our gro-bags which are frequently washed last longer I wash them inside out with the zip done up, this seems to prevent the zips getting ripped off in the wash. They are now available in size 6-10 years and the zip is designed so that it is possible to tube feed at night. http://www.bumpto3.com

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