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Monday 24 Sep 2018
Restaurants PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sally Fletcher   
Sunday, 01 March 2009 20:31

Like most people sometimes we like to get some dinner when we are out rather than go home and cook!

But dinner for us means finding a table big enough for Ben's wheelchair, ourselves, Harriet and a highchair for baby Sam along with somewhere to park his buggy and the 3 large travel bags that we have to take everywhere, usually getting to our table is the hardest part!

We tend to stick to a handful of restaurants where we know we are welcome, our favourites in no particular order are:

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut http://www.pizzahut.co.uk/restaurant/huts/CHAPELFIELD-pizza-hut.html

Most Pizza Hut's are ok, Ben often gets excited and a bit noisy when out so Pizza Hut is great because they usually have music playing (often too loud!).

We think the best one is in Chapelfield in Norwich, they have a few round tables which work well for us.

Right beside the restaurant are some toilets within the shopping centre with a baby changing area with a solid worktop. It's possible to lift Ben onto the worktop and give him a change if needed, he is too long to fit on the soft padded area but I have a couple of travel changing mat's in the bottom of my bag to add a bit of extra length if needed.


Figaro's http://www.figarorestaurant.co.uk

The food in this restaurant is really good, fresh, cooked to order and the most authentic Italian we have found outside of Italy.

We have always received a really warm welcome here both with and without the children and have never had a bad meal in 10 years of eating here.

If you like deserts you must try the Cleopatra!

This may not be an obvious choice of a restaurant for a family with small children, one in a wheelchair because the downside is the toilets are up a spiral staircase but we park at Castle Mall just around the corner where we can use the baby changers or our own van if necessary.  Well worth a visit.

The Chequers

The Chequers http://www.hainford-chequers.co.uk

Our local pub is a very popular restaurant so we advise arriving early or making a booking.

Really good pub food such as fish and chips or something a bit different like Thai stuffed peppers.

They have a couple of large round tables so I make sure one is available if taking all the children or ideally we all go over and have one of the large tables in the garden on a nice day.

Very friendly they once even wrapped us up a take-away dinner when we were all ill.

They have a baby changer which is too small for Ben so we would change him in our van but being close to home this is not an issue for us here.

Norwich Castle Museum Cafe

Norwich Castle Museum Cafe http://www.museums.norfolk.gov.uk/default.asp?Document=200.21

It is possible to use the cafe and shop inside the castle without needing to pay to enter the museum.

The sandwiches are really nice, all be it a little expensive.  All the tables are round and well spaced making it easy for us to pull Ben up to the table in his wheelchair.

The staff are very helpful offering to carry my tray.  They have a good disabled toilet with a full sized pull up changing bench which is very welcome.


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